Publishers: CITY
Dates: 1 23rd Jan 1965-242 20th Sep 1969 (joins TV 21 & Joe 90)
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This is a hugely popular and collectible title, mostly for its television and Gerry Anderson content. It has an unusual 'news magazine of the future' style with its front cover lay-out and date of 2065. Early issues and the last few numbers are scarce but generally copies appear regularly on eBay UK. The free gift Special Agent Identicode adds at least £75-£90 to the value. Beware! There are photo-copied examples on card floating around. An original one sold for £119 (Nov 2007). And another one (Nov 2007) reached £89.

The annuals ran from 1966 to 1972 and the 6 Specials and Extras are very sought after.

Auction sales of note. Issue #2 with Special Agent badge, both in excellent condition, for £170 (Nov 2007).  A very nice complete run in VG to FN sold at auction in Summer 2006. #1 went for £201 (no free gift), #2 at £148, #3 at £75 and #4 and #5 at £44 each. A copy of issue #1 in VG Minus (or so it looked to me) with pages tears and small pieces missing on corners sold for £171 (Nov 2007). Could be I'm under-estimating values so watch this space. I prefer to be conservative until there's been a good few sales to warrant an increase. Issue #1 is surprisingly common. They must have printed a fair few copies at the time.

In the Comic Book Postal Auctions (COMPAL) catalogue from June 2009, a complete run sold in various lots to reach a total of £2,270. Nov 2009 on eBay UK a nice looking #1 with free gift sold for an amazing £590. The comic was nice and white without the horizontal folds but significant creasing to the spine and right edge. From the same collection/run and with the same significant creasing a copy of #2 plus gift went for an equally amazing £521. And issue #3 from the same collection went for £127.

Jul 2011: a Near Fine copy of #1 without the free gift sold on eBay UK for an amazing £588.78, proving that there is still a very healthy demand for this issue and title in general.

Free gift issues

#1 - Special Agent Identicode
#2 - Special Agent 21 Badge and Top Secret Code cards
#3 - Press Out and Build Fireball XL5
#90 - Thunderbirds International Rescue Hat - the toughest gift to find intact.
#105 - Target Trainer
#106 - Special Agent IQ Card
#141 - 3D Video Specs
#155 - Captain Scarlet Album plus 4 Spectra Prints
#156 - 4 Spectra Prints
#157 - 4 Spectra Prints
#192 - 5 Soccer Star Stamps
#218 - Stratostreak Plane



See also:

TV 21 & JOE 90

Total value for all issues of this title listed:


Issues 242 242 242 242 242 242 242 242 242
Total £ 372.00 784.10 1,180 2,940 4,610 8,090 12,880 16,420 20,420

Note: some PR issues may have no value. Selected issues in FN, VF or VF/NM may not exist in some titles.