Publishers: MARVEL UK
Dates: 1 17th Feb 1973-666 14th Dec 1985 (see The Mighty World of Marvel) NB there is no #428!
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First there was The Mighty World of Marvel in October 1972. Then came this second Marvel UK title as the original American comics were suddenly Non Distributed (or not available) in UK newsagents. For the first time since 1961 you could only buy the vast majority of your Marvel comics from specialist comic shops and back then there weren't that many comic shops around. So this was the only way to get your Spiderman fix and even then it was stuff from ten years previously. Highly collectible title for its strong nostalgic pull, especially the first fifty issues or so. The paper quality before it went 'glossy' means that high grade early issues are hard to come by.

2015: #231 is suddenly HOT with a Captain Britain appearance. In fact the run of Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #231-253 is showing some signs of collector interest.

The free gift from issue #1 Spiderman Mask is basically a printed paper bag! It adds £35-£50 to the value. A VG copy of #1 with a VG condition gift sold for £54 on eBay UK in Feb 2008. A very nice copy of #1 and gift sold for £128.66 on eBay UK in May 2008 though the mask had a closed tear on one side. Another copy of #1 with mask sold for £108.88 on eBay UK in May 2008. In Jun 2008 a copy with free gift sold for £87 where the mask had a closed tear under the eye. Funny. As soon as one example achieves an interesting price then more examples pop out of the woodwork. Four in as many months. This would suggest that copies of #1 with Spidey Mask gift are not that scarce.

Mar 2010: a copy with a piece out of the back cover and the coupon missing (cut out for the Spiderman poster) sold with mask (mask in nice condition) for £74. A run of #1-157 was offered on eBay UK for £200 Oct 2008 but didn t sell.

Jul 2011: a very nice looking copy of #1 plus gift fetched £255 on eBay UK. Dec 2013: another nice copy and mask fetched £265.

And the American market is becoming very interested in this title. A copy of #6 was CGC Certified ('slabbed') as an 8.5 Very Fine Plus and sold for $350!

Issues #170 and #171 are starting to attract attention as they reprint the death of Gwen Stacy and the death of Green Goblin from the American Amazing Spider-Mans #121 and #122. And issue #178 that reprints Amazing Spider-Man #129 the 1st appearance of The Punisher is very sought after.







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Issues 667 667 667 667 667 667 667 667 667
Total £ 141.00 808.97 297.00 574.98 1,000 1,600 2,570 3,240 3,930

Note: some PR issues may have no value. Selected issues in FN, VF or VF/NM may not exist in some titles.