Welcome to The Comic Book Price Guide for Great Britain.

This is a work-in-progress which is updated and added to every day. This Guide will eventually list all significant British comics published and all Marvel and DC comic books that were officially distributed and Non Distributed in the United Kingdom at the time. If you don't see an issue, title or cover scan in this Guide that you were expecting, please be patient. We will get to it!

As well as thousands of illustrations, there are features such as grading definitions and specialised lists and in time it is anticipated that many more features, articles and useful links will be added.

The Guide was begun back in 1985 on a typewriter, was published as eight books from 1989 to 1997 and for the last twelve years or so has been added to (mostly the British section, the US section is in its early days) and updated in spare time and obsessive weekends - we are currently entering records for over 4,000 US comics a month. And we're also scanning about 50-100 US and UK covers a day. If you have a particular UK or US cover you'd like to see, send in a scan and we will credit your name.

Between 1975 and 1982, Alan Austin (with by Justin Ebbs and Gary Fox) produced a brilliant price guide of American comic books of the Silver and Bronze Age (roughly 1959 to 1980). I am indebted to Steve Holland, Lance Rickman and Martin Beeson for their work in helping to produce my first Guide in 1989.

This is very much a Guide and a starting point. Values as stated are not set in stone. Used sensibly, it is hoped that this Guide will prove useful, informative and entertaining. The Guide is first and foremost an educational tool, promoting the vast array of comics and their publishers as well as the creative personnel behind them. The information and illustrations are copyright and neither may be reproduced without permission.

The values listed are based on accurate grading! Most British comic/annuals and British editions of American comics on eBay UK are in the Poor, Fair, Good and Very Good range.

Above that range, Fine is a nice looking comic with little handling wear. Very Fine is an exceptionally nice comic and Near Mint is nearly flawless. Phrases like "It's very good for its age" and "It would be mint if it had the covers on" are meaningless.


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PLEASE NOTE: All the information is based upon The Comic Book Price Guide for Great Britain Volumes #1-8 by Duncan McAlpine. All information is copyright Price Guide Productions 1989-1997. Copyright renewed 2007. All illustrations are copyright their respective publishers and creators and may not be reproduced without permission.