900 titles added since February 2016!

The plan for the rest of 2016 is this: my honourable assistant Peter Huggins is working his way through Marvel and has got right through to letter Z and is back-filling information on the first page of each title. We have also brought up to date all Marvel comics to the latest import (cover date Sep 2016) and has separated each comic out so variants are easier to find. By the end of 2016, Marvel should be complete with all exisiting titles put in. DC is currently complete though there's some catching up to do on the new Rebirth material. It will be in soon.

I meanwhile am adding tons of titles and covers to the UK section (about 2,000 covers since October 1st 2015) and I have brought Marvel UK comics up to date in lots of instances so Peter will add to that and bring all Marvel titles up to the latest import. The Guide has grown by 20% in size in the last 18 months so I am pleased with that.

Then it is a sweep through Marvel back titles to break out some hot issues and that will be complete with all exisiting titles by the end of 2017.

This will be the best ever price guide to cover Marvel, DC and British comics.

We may well expand from there to include personal favourites from my collection like Gold Key and Charlton, Atlas and assorted Golden Age. It is unlikely I will touch Indpendents as there are other Guides for that and I am not interested in gold foil limited Lady Death number Half quite honestly.

We (just two of us, at weekends and when we can) are doing this Guide from scratch, transposing  all my published Guides from 1989-1997 plus all the work I have done since them. About 6,000,000 words we calculate!

Stick with us and contribute if you can.

All best

Duncan McAlpine